From dance to music to comedy, Seven Days of Opening Nights kicks off with stellar lineup

You can’t really accuse Seven Days of Opening Nights of taking it easy. The acclaimed arts festival offers 27 performances during its 2011-2012 season, including 20 shows in 12 days during the festival proper (Feb. 9-20). Then, of course, there are the 11 master classes for Florida State University students in the arts, and another four educational performances for Leon County K-12 students.

'Social entrepreneurism' highlighted at Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values Conference

Eboo Patel, the president and founder of Interfaith Youth Core, an organization that is driving social entrepreneurism and the global interfaith youth movement, spoke Feb. 2 to a group of about 50 faculty, staff and students from across the nation attending the 22nd Annual Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values Conference at Florida State University.

Biden discusses access and affordability in higher education during FSU visit

During a speech at Florida State University about the importance of preserving access and affordability in higher education, Vice President Joe Biden suggested doubling the number of federal college work-study jobs and helping graduates repay their student loans in a more sensible way.

Black History Month at Florida State to offer diverse array of events

February is Black History Month, and Florida State University's Center for Multicultural Affairs, Black Student Union and College of Communication and Information each will be hosting special events that aim to make it a meaningful and memorable one. All events are open to the public, and most are free.

Spirits rise as Seminole faithful celebrate FSU Day at the Capitol

The courtyard between Florida’s old and new Capitol buildings was filled with the sights and sounds of Florida State University on Feb. 7 as the university celebrated its annual FSU Day at the Capitol. The pep band Seminole Sound played traditional school songs, Florida State cheerleaders encouraged school spirit, and members of the Flying High Circus wowed an outdoor crowd composed of students, faculty, alumni and community members with acrobatics and tricks.

Employees surpass 2011 United Way campaign goal

The faculty and staff of Florida State University donated $397,240 to the United Way of the Big Bend during the university’s 2011 United Way Employees Campaign, exceeding the $390,000 goal.

Employers feel no love for unscrupulous practice of 'service sweethearting'

A new study led by two Florida State University marketing professors finds that some frontline service employees who are rewarded for hikes in customer loyalty and satisfaction also may engage in “service sweethearting,” a clandestine practice that costs their employers billions of dollars annually in lost revenue.

Soweto Gospel Choir brings African song and dance to Florida State

More than 500 local middle school students took in the joyful, soulful sounds of the Soweto Gospel Choir Thursday morning during a master-class performance for Florida State University’s Seven Days of Opening Nights. As the stage lights gleamed and the drums rumbled, the world-renowned gospel choir instantly captivated the crowd with their uplifting music and lively dance.

How do children learn to read silently?

A study at Florida State University uses eye-tracking technology to chart oral-to-silent reading transition. When a beginning reader reads aloud, her progress is apparent: Hunched over a book, little index finger blazing the way, she moves intently from sound to sound, word to word.

Study: State University System degree in Florida can mean huge boost in lifetime earnings

A new economic study suggests that having a degree from one of Florida’s 11 state universities can be a financial lifesaver — equivalent to more than $1 million in a worker’s lifetime earnings.